Advanced green building allows the reduction of utility costs and eco footprints without restricting lifestyle. High- efficiency heating/cooling, air-tight construction and sustainable finishes are features that help make Urban Square Properties LEED-certified building.


LEED for Homes is a nationally-accepted benchmark which measures the overall performance of a home in eight categories:


Innovation & Design: Special design methods that contribute

to the sustainability of the home.
Location & Linkages: Location of the home in socially and environmentally responsible ways in relation to the community,

such as proximity to transportation, shopping, and open spaces.
Sustainable Sites: Use of the entire property so as to minimize

the project’s impact on the site.
Water Efficiency: Use of indoor and outdoor water efficiency practices.
Energy & Atmosphere: Emphasis on energy efficiency,

particularly in the building envelope and heating and cooling design.
Materials & Resources: Efficient selection and use of environmentally preferable materials, and minimization of waste

during construction.
Indoor Environmental Quality: Improvement of indoor

air quality by reducing the creation of and exposure to pollutants.
Awareness & Education: Both residents and the building manager will become familiar with the operation and maintenance

of the green features of a LEED home.


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